mandag, september 11, 2006

This is what I feel like doing today

The last weeks have been mayhem at work. The start of the school year gets more and more insane every year. On one hand, hooray! because I'll probably keep my job what with the increased workload and the money pouring in. On the other hand, it is very frustrating while it's going on and everbody are running around pulling their hair out because of stress.

Personally, I'm not easily stressed out anymore (tell you the story behind that another time), but the increased workload means that other things will be less of a priority - like blogging. I'll pull myself together now, promise :)

After weeks of work overload and overtime, I spent the weekend sailing the national open championship (more on that tomorrow...). And while I love sailing, I haven't been able to relax all weekend. And this was the most horrid monday morning ever. Truly.

I just want to curl up and be a sleepy cat.

2 kommentarer:

Miss Kitty sa...

What a cute kitty! One of your own, I presume?

I, too, feel like curling up and being a sleepy cat. If we humans could take life as cats do...oh, well, never mind. I just realized that would also mean we'd have to poop in boxes and wait for our humans to feed us.

Best of luck with work. Hang in there!

pendlerpiken sa...

Unfortunately, not one of my own. I pinched this picture from Cute Overload, the best place to go on that sort of day.

I don't have any cats yet, as I live in a very small apartment on the 6th floor... Having cats would just be cruel.

When I can afford a bigger apartment, I'll get two cats, so they can keep each other company while I'm at work. Can't wait!