mandag, april 16, 2007


Sailing season has started, and I have the marks to prove it:
On the left is a large scratch on my leg, made before the boat was even in the water. On the right is the back of my knee, and in the middle is my wrist.

Yes indeedy, I took a bath on April 15th. With all my clothes. Twice. The first time, we were in the process og raising the mast, when I took a step backwards onto nothing and fell in the water. It was about 6 degrees, but at least it was sunny. In the process I knocked both my knees, the result can be seen above. I am not able to walk today.

When my clothes had dried, we went sailing. Which was very nice, but I got wet and cold again. And then, I slipped when I tried to jump from the boat to the pier, and fell in the water. I managed to hold on to the pier, but I scratched both my wrists in the process, and got wet from the waist down.

It can only get better from here, right?

onsdag, april 11, 2007

Easter Activities

This is the world's largest Calorimetry.
I learned a few things from this:
  • My head is small.
  • I knit very losely.
  • Checking the gauge is a good idea.
I can use it, but I have to make a knot from the ends...

I am learning to knit, and lace patterns are fun! It demands concentration, and I think it would have been easier with a thicker yarn - it is really difficult to make out the pattern as I go. Fortunately, the mistakes are nearly impossible to spot as well :)

I finally finished the red mittens. Apparently, I crochet tighter now than I used to, and they became smaller than the last pair. So, I only felted them at 40 degrees, and I am rather happy with the result.

I have started making jewellery again: these are some of the latest examples.

I have also tried making stitch markers for my knitting. The cutest beads! Flat and circular, like little buttons :)

onsdag, april 04, 2007


I finally got my present from my secret friend at Hobbyboden, and it was great!

Three skeins of a lovely yarn with patterns (which I have been trying to get my hands on for a loooong time...), coffee, tea and a necklace :) I am a VERY happy camper - and just in time before easter! Can't wait :D

New Scarf (in one night)

Supernøtt made a lovely scarf, and I had to make one myself:

Mine is in off-white silk alpaca, and is wonderfully long: It wraps three times around my neck and still has long, floppy ends. And it was so fast to crochet! I made it in front of the TV last night...

I have hestitated to post about my fantasy-along, because it is not quite finished yet. However, the only thing that remains is the sholder strap, so you can imagine the rest:

On the left is the front of my bag, in the centre is a close-up of the embroidery, and on the right is the inside. It is made in black corduroy, and the lining is an old skirt that I cut up. It has a large pocket on both the front and the back. I will add a long shoulder strap and a snap closing on each of the pockets. The theme for this along was the number three. Therefore, this bag has three separate pockets, I have used three fabrics, and I have embroidered a tree (ahahahaha). This bag will probably end up as my knitting bag. It is large enough for big projects, and has in fact got room for my laptop as well.

tirsdag, april 03, 2007

New Shoes! And New Beginnings.

I have bought new shoes! They are absolutely lovely, and I am sooo happy with them :) The colour is, as usual, not that good in the picture, but they are a lovely light green-turqouise, and they are extremely comfortable. Yay!

I have started on my Granny Ripple baby blanket, which will be all green and white. It is a small beginning, but I hope to get a lot done over easter.

I have also startet a crocheted bag in mustard yellow cotton yarn. This will probably be the front, but I plan on making a little front pocket as well...