torsdag, august 16, 2007

Present for me!

I have recieved a present from my Secret Friend for august:

Three skeins of Rauma finull in different nuances of brown - lovely! A handmade card with hints about the sender's identity (and I don't get it...), masses of different tea, and lovely little buttons.

Thank you! I am thinking of knitting a bag with cables from this yarn - or possibly a scarf? Can't wait!

onsdag, august 08, 2007

General news - no craftiness

A lot has been happening in my life lately. As some of you know, I usually take time off from my regular job (as a web editor) to work on a festival in the south of Norway in the summer. My festival job mainly involves organising and bossing everybody around, and I really enjoy it, being a control freak and a bossy bitch ;)

Over the past six months, I have grown really tired of my daily routine. You see, I have spent the last ten years of my life hurrying through university in a rush to be a grownup. And of course, now that I am, I am bored with it. I really regret not taking the time to travel and be irresponsible, and now I don't have the opportunity, what with the mortgage and the job and everything.

So, I have quit my job and am starting something more fun: I'm returning to the music business. Come November 1st, I can wave goodbye to regular working hours, a structured daily life and any kind of sense - and I really can't wait. Some of my friends undoubtedly think I am crazy for leaving what is in fact a high status job, but I really think I will be happier. I won't be able to travel much more, but I hope I will have more fun.

tirsdag, august 07, 2007

The beginning af a shawl - and a secret project

I have started to knit a shawl in Bånsull's Merino wool/silk mix. I unashamedly copied one my friend's mother made for her, a simple pattern of one increase at the beginning of each round.

The going is slow, with 3 mm needles and my arms tiring easily, but it will be lovely when it is finished :) I plan to add a crocheted edging if there is enough yarn at the end.

I am also working on another projct, but as it is intended for someone who might be reading this, it will remain a secret for now. For those of you who read other crafty blogs and not just mine, I have a hint: It is something colourful that a lot of other people are making at the moment. I am, for good reasons, using very different colours from most others, though...