fredag, oktober 27, 2006

Another meme

I have been a lazy kitty the last few days and not done anything more with the jacket. I plan on finishing the lining during the weekend, and hopefylly start attatching the layers by sunday.

And today I have pilates class after work! I look forward to it, I haven't done any pilates since june... It feels like a good thing to do, my body seems to like it :) It will be good.

Instead, I'll post a quite funny meme I kidnapped from Miss Kitty:

1. List two things that are true of you that are not stereotypically true of members of some group that you belong to (academically educated, internet editor)

  • I have carried heavy things for a living
  • I enjoy making stock, jam and other housewifey things

2. List two unusual talents that you have

  • I read with three times the average speed
  • I can fix almost anything with gaffer’s tape

3. List two unusual weaknesses that you have

  • Bacon
  • Soft fabrics

4. List two unusual things that you aspire to do

  • Have a wardobe entirely made up of clothes I made myself
  • Be among the top five in our sailing class nationally

5. List two words that you use more than most people do

  • Particularly
  • Yummy

6. List two foods that you dislike and most other people like

  • Tofu (well, surprisingly many people like it…)
  • Nougat

7. List two strange habits that you have.
Are you sure you want to know about these?

  • When sharing a bed, I must sleep away from the wall and/or nearest the door
  • My house is not clean if all my clothes are not folded properly and all my books are sorted alphabetically.

2 kommentarer:

Miss Kitty sa...

Your answers were so much more interesting than mine! Wow! But I'm still trying to fathom how you don't like nougat. Then again, everyone thinks I'm weird for not liking lobster. Each to her own, right?

Your kitty "avatar" is adorable. The little face peeking out from the covers is so sweet.

pendlerpiken sa...

I certainly think you're weird for not liking lobster :)
Nougat is just too sweet and sticky... bleh. But I know I'm not normal in this respect, I have been told repeatedly ;)