tirsdag, oktober 24, 2006

New challenges

Ahahahahahaaha! I managed the collar! New problems arise, however. This is the fun part of sewing. Seriously.

Now, it turns out that the pattern expects me to have rather wider shoulders than I have. It is not the first time with this book, they seem to make the clothes very roomy... Ah well. Taking in is hardly a problem. You can barely see the pin where the seam is supposed to go - I will probably need to trim off about 7 cm.

This is what it looks like at the moment. No sleeves yet, no lining, and not yet sewn in the sides. But definitely showing promise, don't you think?

I love making things. It gives such a feeling of accomplishment. I am already full of plans of what to make next - when I am finished with the jacket.

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