onsdag, januar 24, 2007

Eye Candy

Something for you to rest your eyes on today: Orlando Bloom, picture from the Kingdom of Heaven movie. I saw it in the theatre when it first came, something I would definitly not have done had it not involved three hours of drooling over the gorgeous Orlando, but it was quite good, especially if you enjoy large-scale battle scenes (which I do). The man himself, however, was better than ever in this film - he gained some weight and was suddenly more hairy, catering just to my tastes in fact. I'll be back with more crochet tomorrow, I think...

I have joined my first swap: One Hour Craft's bag swap! I will be excanging a tote bag with a girl from Malaysia, and I am really excited about it :) Updates will follow when I start sewing. I have decided on corduroy, but not on the colour. Red or black, I guess?

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