mandag, april 16, 2007


Sailing season has started, and I have the marks to prove it:
On the left is a large scratch on my leg, made before the boat was even in the water. On the right is the back of my knee, and in the middle is my wrist.

Yes indeedy, I took a bath on April 15th. With all my clothes. Twice. The first time, we were in the process og raising the mast, when I took a step backwards onto nothing and fell in the water. It was about 6 degrees, but at least it was sunny. In the process I knocked both my knees, the result can be seen above. I am not able to walk today.

When my clothes had dried, we went sailing. Which was very nice, but I got wet and cold again. And then, I slipped when I tried to jump from the boat to the pier, and fell in the water. I managed to hold on to the pier, but I scratched both my wrists in the process, and got wet from the waist down.

It can only get better from here, right?

3 kommentarer:

Miss Kitty sa...

Ouch! Be careful, Pendlerpiken!

But I know you don't mind the scrapes too much, since you're able to enjoy your favorite hobby again. :-)

Mmmarianne sa...


God bedring med fritidsskadene!

Rhonda sa...

I hope it gets better because that doesn't look like any fun at all! Ouch!