onsdag, april 04, 2007

New Scarf (in one night)

Supernøtt made a lovely scarf, and I had to make one myself:

Mine is in off-white silk alpaca, and is wonderfully long: It wraps three times around my neck and still has long, floppy ends. And it was so fast to crochet! I made it in front of the TV last night...

I have hestitated to post about my fantasy-along, because it is not quite finished yet. However, the only thing that remains is the sholder strap, so you can imagine the rest:

On the left is the front of my bag, in the centre is a close-up of the embroidery, and on the right is the inside. It is made in black corduroy, and the lining is an old skirt that I cut up. It has a large pocket on both the front and the back. I will add a long shoulder strap and a snap closing on each of the pockets. The theme for this along was the number three. Therefore, this bag has three separate pockets, I have used three fabrics, and I have embroidered a tree (ahahahaha). This bag will probably end up as my knitting bag. It is large enough for big projects, and has in fact got room for my laptop as well.

3 kommentarer:

Guro sa...

Det så kjempegodt ut det skjerfet!
Fin pynt på veska.
God påske :O)

Supernøtt sa...

Du har jo lagd skjerfet i skikkelig luksusgarn, veldig stilrent og klassisk, og meget mer brukervennlig enn mitt :-)

Liker veldig godt perletreet ditt :-D

Fortsatt god påske!

Hilde C. sa...

For et nydelig brodert tre du har laget - og lange skjerf er bare deilige :-)