mandag, november 06, 2006

Jacket Obsession

The jacket is now very close to be finished. I had to take the sleeves off, it turned out that the problem was the angle of the sleeve and the body. Stupid pattern.

Or rather, stupid me for not considering that a sewing book made in the seventies will have patterns that are not excactly the season's haute coutoure... The problem with this book is that all the clothes are rather bulky. Having experienced this before, I picked a size too small. The shoulder seam was still far off the shoulder, so I narrowed the width from neck to shoulder. If I had stopped to think, I would have realised that this would affect the way the sleeve hangs, but I didn't.

The sleeves had to come off (extremely carefylly), and I had to make new ones which allowed for a more contemporary look (i.e. not made supposing the wearer to be two metres wide standing with their arms straight out...). I didn't have enough fabric, so I'll have to buy more for the last sleeve before I can finish it off. And there's still the lining to do. But otherwise, I am done :) Can't wait...

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Guro sa...

Hei, hei! Så koselig at du likte lue-oppskrifta mi :O) Den går utrolig fort å lage! Lykke til!