torsdag, november 02, 2006

Seal of Approval

I have to admit that both the pun and the image came from Cute Overload. But this li'l fella is so cute, I had to post him.

I plan to make a softie in brown velvet that looks like him, as soon as I have finished the jacket. How cute would that be, if I could give it to a baby as a present? Unfortunately, none of my friends are pregnant. Hm. Better start a campaign :)

It can't be that hard, can it?

The jacket is progressing. I made the lining, both fabrics, and it turned out really well. Except for the fact that it is a little tight under the arms. I think I'll insert a little bit of the thinnest lining fabric to make it a little bit wider.

The outer layer is also progressing nicely. I need to make an adjustment for the boobs, one of the joys of being female... Unfortunately, I followed the instructions without thinking, and just attatched the sleeves to the body. I don't want to separate them again, as the outer fabric frays really easily. But if I make the adjustment a little lower than I normally would, and angle it upwards, it will be in line with the sleeve seam, and the sleeve needs to be taken in a bit, too. I hope it will turn out the way I planned!

The next step will be to finish off the jacket. I am going to cut up a scarf from the wonderful shop NOA NOA, and make an empire-inspired ribbon as well as edging om the sleeves and, possibly, a pocket. The collar needs adjustment, and then it's just the hemline and edges that remains. I hope to finish it during the weekend! (perhaps a little optimistically)

Exam time rushes closer as well. I take one class each semester, mainly for the student discount on trains and buses, but also for fun. This semester, it's a course in basic latin and its influence on European languages. Sounds incredibly dull, but in fact it is really interesting. Of course, I'm far behind now, what with an exhausting autumn etc, and in two weeks, I must turn in a qualifying paper in order to take the exam. Agh!

Ah well. It will turn out all right, I guess. I do it for fun, not for education. And if the two can be combined, what could be better?

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