torsdag, november 16, 2006

The World is Collapsing

Lovely. In my workplace, there are five people. One is working on another project until April. One is at the moment on vacation in Italy. One is on sick leave with mouse arm, not a good thing in the internet business. The fourth had to call in sick today with a beginning mouse arm, hoping that a week's rest will make it better. Which leaves: me.

Jolly good.

There is so much to do! I am trying to work 500%, something that is not humanly possible, and tomorrow is the deadline for my paper. It is a silly little paper, with pass grades only, but I have not finished reading the curriculum. Gaaah. I will probably be up until 3 AM, and then proceed to work 500% tomorrow as well. And overtime is sceduled for the weekend...

In the meantime, you can enjoy a picture of my lovely new crocheted hat. It is très cute, even though I say it myself. And easy peasy :)

I used this pattern from DROPS (in norwegian), but made it in one colour and skipped the pom-pons.

Why am I posting when I have so much to do? I missed my train. And starting a new task will take longer than the thirty minutes I have to wait.

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Hilde C. sa...

Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar og gratulasjon på bloggen min :-) Jeg tror helt sikkert det går an å hekle pulsvantene. Jeg tor det kan bli kjempefint med en hekla utgave :-) Jeg skjønte ikke helt hva du mente med en tova blomst postet i juni på bloggen min, jeg tror du må ha sett den et annet sted. Håper du finner tilbake til den :-) Ha en god uke :-)