fredag, mars 16, 2007

Finished: Beige Shawl

Thougt I'd post the finished shawl. Here, you see the difference between my digital camera (on the left) and my cellphone camera (right). I tried to lighten the picture taken with the cell phone, because it was surprisingly dark, but it did not turn out too well... At least, you can see the size of the shawl. It is rather long, so it reaches down my entire back, even if it is not very wide. The heavy alpaca yarn makes the shaw lay nicely over my shoulders, and it is AMAZINGLY soft and lovely. And warm.

I ordered a skein of Noro Kureyon lately, a multi-coloured yarn that is highly praised by many in the blogging world. Unfortunately, I got a different colour than I ordered, but I decided to take the unfamiliar colours as a challenge rather than return it. I am not converted to this yarn yet, however. I have real trouble deciding what to make, and it does not really appeal to me in the same way that alpaca does. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet?

I will be working on finishing the shawl for my grandmother this weekend, as well as sewing the hood and hem of a wool felt jacket that has been lying around for weeks. I also have an idea for one of the alongs I'm in - finally! I have been struggling with this for a while...

I am very much looking forward to try my hand at knitting again: I will try to make a vest as well as traditional knitted mittens! And then there's the Granny Ripple baby blanket... A lot on my plate at the moment, but that's just fun :)

2 kommentarer:

Guro sa...

Det så ut som en fin måte å lage sjal på! Og tykk alpakka må være kjempefint til et sjal.
God helg :O)

Alpaca Granny sa...

I think your shawl is lovely!
Yea! for alpaca.