fredag, mars 23, 2007

Scarf in Progress

On the left is the way I transport my crocheting. Make it into a roll, and stick the needle through. Otherwise, long items, like this one, will tie itself to my headset in the bag, coil around my keys and eat my cellphone. This is a scarf I'm making for a friend's birthday today. I will add fringes in turqouise, and hopefully manage to take a picture of the finished product. The scarf is crocheted in half double crochet and a few rows of treble crochet (mainly to keep me from fainting from boredom).

This weekend, I'm suddenly going to Kristiansand to do some pre-production work for this summer's festival. It will be a four hour train ride each way, but that's the only time for knitting/crochet all weekend. I'm not sure if I dare to bring any knitting - I live in fear of the whole thing unravelling by itself while I'm not looking. Crochet is more trustworthy that way :)

I am not able to finish my jacket (mentioned below) because I have apparently done something strange while cutting the pieces for the hood: it does not fit propely. I'm not sure what to do about it, except put it in the closet and forget about it until I get a bright idea.

Instead, I will start on a dress (paying close attention to the pattern this time...), but I expect it will have to wait for about a week.

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Guro sa...

Kjenner så godt til hele denne problematikken, særlig med det at hekling er mer til å stole på enn strikking. Tør nesten ikke å ta med strikketøy noe sted i frykt for at jeg mister ei maske på veien...
Forresten, hvis du er i tvil om det er en bok du vil kjøpe eller ikke (som Sys Fredens "Nye hæklerier") så vil jeg anbefale å låne på biblioteket hvis du har mulighet. Det gjorde jeg, og det var egentlig bare to gensere jeg kunne tenke meg å lage (pluss noen andre fine ting som kanskje kanskje ikke er interessant :)