tirsdag, februar 06, 2007

Banana+Chocolate Muffins

I tried making banana and chocolate muffins yesterday, from a recipe I found on a forum. They were good as a basis, but as usual, I feel the need to change them to my taste. I have this unfortunate tendency: I am not able to leave well enough alone. Especially with food, recently also with crafts. As I grow more confident, I need to alter things. I have been food confident for a long time, but altering craft is also fun :)

So, the muffins... They were not quite moist enough, so I plan on replacing the oil with something else. Maybe sour milk? They also lacked a hint of spice, so I will try with a little cardamom. And perhaps some vanilla? Chocolate chips as well as cocoa might also be a good idea...

I will experiment a little, and post the recipe (in both norwegian and english) when I am satisfied :)

I am leaving for Trondheim tomorrow, and will not be able to post for a few days. I am already looking forward to reading all the blogs when I return!

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Gabrielle sa...

Hello there
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - I've just come over to visit yours. Lots of great posts to read(LOVE your cat under the blanket photo by the way!!)

I share your need to change and adapt recipes and crafts. I have lots of craft books but I tend to use them as inspiration rather than following the projects.

Looking forward to your final recipe