fredag, februar 23, 2007

Off to Russia!

I'm going on holiday to St.Petersburg on monday! I am really excited about it, I have not been to Russia for five years. My Russian is more than a bit rusty, but I think I will manage. I have not planned anything beyond hotel and the flight, and I think it will be awesome. I have recieved a tip that yarn is very cheap, so I will probably stack up. I hope I will be able to not fill my suitcase entirely, so that I will have room for more yarn!

I will also try to find some fabric, trimmings and buttons. There is bound to be something different from the stuff at home.

I have finished a hat and mittens for a friend, all in double crochet in Drops Ice yarn (thick cotton). I think she must be mad - who wants cotton mittens? But she picked the yarn herself, she must take the blame:

I am trying to reconstruct the pattern for the crocheted felted mittens (on request), and will hopefully manage it before I leave.

2 kommentarer:

Hilde C. sa...

Ja det er vel uvanlig å bruke bomull, men de ser veldig fine ut da. God tur til Russland, det høres kjempespennende ut. At du i det hele tatt kan russisk, rusten eller ikke, syns jeg er imponerende :-)

Guro sa...

God tur!! Det høres kjempespennende ut. God idé å prøve å lage mønster til vottene, de er jo kjempefine :O)