fredag, februar 02, 2007

Favourite Friday + Crochety Plans

These are wooden eggs and bells, real seventies, that my mother gave me a couple of years ago. They are so wonderfully solid and real! At the moment, they are hanging above my sink in the kitchen, so I can watch them while washing the dishes...

I am totally in love with Guro's tøfler, and I think I will make them in red! Wouldn't that be adorable? I really appreaciate the generosity with which people share their patterns. I would do myself, but I don't really make any patterns myself yet. Not including a scarf, worked entirely in double crochet, back and forth... and that's not really a pattern. I did, however, alter the original pattern (in Norwegian) for the mittens a few posts below! It took forever, so I did them in double crochet instead, and in alpaca yarn only. They are wonderfully soft!

Oh, and the Harry Potter 7 release date came today! July 21st... It feels like forever! I want to skip and jump all over the place :)

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