fredag, februar 16, 2007

Blue and green

I finished the green bag last night:

I still have to felt it (tomorrow) and embellish it, but that's the fun part! I am really happy with the result so far - I even started a blue one for the february colour-along. I realised that I wouldn't be able to finish a vest in shell stitch in time for the challenge, so I went for another bag instead. I hope my mother will like it!

There will be a vest, however - just not yet. Upon reflection, I'd much rather try something else in shell stitch first. Something smaller, like a scarf perhaps.

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April sa...

I stumbled upon your blog during my search for crochet-related blogs and I really have enjoyed looking at your work. I'm a rough beginner and it's great to see some photos of good work that I can aspire to!