tirsdag, februar 13, 2007

Felted Mittens Part I

So, project felted/crocheted mittens is underway. I am a bit worried that I am making them too large, but then I'll just have to felt them over again, I think. I am using a fairly thin yarn, PT2, and working them in double crochet. Not only is it faster, but I think the felt will be thinner as well. The samples in double crochet seemed all right, but I am using a smaller hook than in the samples.

Tomorrow I'm meeting a couple of friends for crafts and wine. This seems like a good idea, but I have a sneaking feeling that the wine may not be very smart... We'll find out. Drunken crochet, anyone? I plan on trying a new batch of muffins for the occation, this time with all milk and no oil, and chocolate chips. Perhaps I'll try a little cardamom or vanilla as well - or maybe both?

I came back from Trondheim on sunday, and I was exhausted. This year was more than usually tiresome for this festival, and I will not do it again next year. It has progressively gotten worse regarding management and preparations, and this year was almost hopeless. No thank you, I'd rather be at work... After that joyful experience, I came back to work in time for the launch of a big campaign, and spent hours punching code yesterday.

On the bright side, I won 500 kr off a lottery ticket (something I normally donot buy). I decided to use these money on a new headset, something I would not normally afford on the spur of a moment. I researched a bit, and bought a Sennheiser HD 465 headset. It is HUGE, compared to my old Koss PortaPro, but the sound is AMAZING. The downside is that my old speakers at home sounds like crap in comparison... So this will be expensive over time! I am not like most girls in this respect - good sound is very important to me, like shoes are for other girls. I am, sadly, hooked now. Ah well. Kitchen improvements will have to wait...

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Hilde C. sa...

Det blir spennende å høre hvordan hekletove prosjektet blir. Jeg syns pt2 er kjempebra til toving, resultatet blir mykt og godt. Vin og hekling høres jo kjekt ut, og hvem vet, kanskje fyllehekling kan gi nye og spennende resultater ;-)

Anonym sa...

Comment from one of the girls you are meeting tomorrow for crochet and wine... I can`t have milk remember...?!? æææ I want sweets as well... arg. Love you hunny. Let`s make many fantastic things tomorrow!