onsdag, februar 21, 2007

Oh, blogger

I've had a little trouble with blogger lately (posts refuse to be published), but I feel really helpless about it. Is there really anything to do, except wait?

Anyway, it's been a while since I posted a favourite, so here goes:

This is a little vase in a lovely yellow, which I inherited from my grandparents' house. It is not very practical, as the opening is really narrow, but I adore the colour and the subtle pattern!

I am soon finished with a hat and mittens made in chunky cotton yarn for a friend - the colour combination is unusual, a bright red with a sort of brownish-purple dusty colour. It worked out better that I thought! And the chunky yarn makes it so quick to complete, too.

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Supernøtt sa...

Jeg har en maken, bare i sort, kjøpt på bruktmesse. Umulig å rengjøre inni, men perfekt til en blomst.

Oppdaget bloggen din i dag, masse flotte ting du lager :-D I'll be back!